The following presentations and documents were shared at YDCPAA events. You are encouraged to read these content as needed throughout the year. If you are looking for a specific presentation from an event and you can not locate it below, please contact Timothy T. A. Chan, CPA, CA, at Presentation topics include training, financial management, certification and more.

DISCLAIMER: The materials and contents of the YDCPAA seminars are for educational and informational purposes only, and are solely the view and opinion of the respective presenters.  As they deal with technical matters which have broad application, it is not practical to include or address all possible situations.  The materials are not intended to be exhaustive or to address all aspects of a particular topic. For this reason, a particular fact situation should in each case be reviewed by and consulted with a qualified professional. No organization or person involved with the YDCPAA seminars accepts any legal or financial responsibility for its materials, contents or any consequences from their use.

York CPAOA CPD Seminar – March 15th, 2017

YCPAOA CPD Seminar – February 15th, 2017

YDCPAA CPD Seminar – November 23rd, 2016

YDCPAA CPD Seminar – October 19th, 2016